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About Us

Casa Conde (Europe) Ltd is a small fresh produce business that brings the authentic Padron Peppers to the UK market. Our aim is to reach every single Padron Pepper lover in the UK, as we are the only supplier of authentic peppers coming directly from Padron, Spain. The unique taste of the original Padron Peppers is deeply connected with the village characteristics such as the soil, weather and traditional farming techniques. Padron peppers are small green peppers that are truly one of a kind with a mildly sweet taste, intense flavor where occasionally some peppers have a spicy ‘kick’. This unique intense flavor can only be found in the “Original Padron Peppers”.

about us

Company Background

Casa Conde (Europe) Ltd is a well-established family-run business in Spain and UK. We hold traditional knowledge about growing Padrón peppers to preserve their unique flavor. We have been cultivating Padron Peppers for generations, over the years we have combined traditional farming techniques with modern technology to keep these peppers alive. In the year 2000, we decided to introduce the authentic Padron Peppers to the UK market. Since our arrival, we have seen tremendous growth. We now have lovers of the peppers all over the UK. Building on our past success and the love we have received in the UK; we have decided to reach our pepper lovers directly by a new home delivery service.


Peppers Background

The name of Padron Peppers is associated with the name of the council Padron, located in Galicia (a northwest region of Spain). Spanish monk brought Padron Peppers back from South America in the 16th century. The Monks grew the peppers in the garden for their convent, in the small village of Hebron, within the small district of Padron. More than 400 years later these peppers are no longer grown by monks but by local farmers. Generation after generation, Padronians have adapted the traditional methods introduced by the monks and embraced the advancement of technology to offer
a superior quality product.

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