Cultivating Padrón Peppers

Growing Padrón Peppers

Varieties of Padrón peppers are grown all over the world. Enthusiastic pepper growers travel to Galicia year after year to learn from our methods. The peppers supplied by Casa Conde Europe are grown in the Padrón region only.

Padrón peppers are grown in green houses at average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius during the day, and 18 degrees at night.

The temperature of the soil is key to the germinating process. Warmer soils germinate the seed faster. Temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius will fail to produce any plants.

The background of Padrón peppers

Useful Advice

Compost: Ensure the soil is rich in organic matter. Fertilising the soil often with manure intensifies the flavour of the peppers.

Watering: excessive moisture causes the flower to fall. Dry conditions will intensify the piquancy of the pepper. Extreme draught exposure will turn the peppers into chillies.

Weeding: Padrón peppers are space greedy plants and do not tolerate well the intrusion of weeds, specially when the plants are young. In Padrón we never use weed killer. Our weeding methods are organic-based.

In general, a good seed should yield somewhere in the region of five to six pounds of peppers per plant, in an average surface of three plants per square metre.

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