The Background of Padrón Peppers

Background of Padrón Peppers

The village of Padrón in Galicia is located just 22 km from Santiago de Compostela, the world-famous Christian pilgrimage place.

Galicia is renowned for its beautiful green landscape, spectacular coastline, mild temperatures and high rainfall. Perhaps what sets Galicia apart is the quality of its fishing

industry and organic products obtained from the land. An ecological disaster in 2002 placed Galicia in the international map, unfortunately for the wrong reasons.

Galicia's fertile soil and cooler weather conditions are ideal for growing products such as the Padrón pepper, or Pimento de Padrón.

Padrón peppers were brought back from South America by Spanish monks in the 16th century. The monks grew the peppers in the gardens of their convent, in the small village of Herbón, within the Padrón district. The peppers soon became a favourite at the table of locals, enabling the monks to trade in the peppers for other much-needed products.

400 years later and the peppers are no longer grown by monks but by locals, generation after generation. Padronians have adopted the traditional methods and embraced modern technology to offer a superior quality product to Spanish and UK consumers.

Franciscan convent in Herbón

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